Ogilvy godt fra start til årets DM Dag

Der blev sendt fire af vores bedste direct kampagner ind. Og jury til Direct Marketing Prisen kvitterede med fire nomineringer. Nu glæder vi os bare til den endelige dom falder 27. maj. Se mere her: http://bit.ly/1ipa4de  

Cigarettes, Led Zeppelin and the James Dean of Vampires. What more do you need to make a brilliant perfume ad?

Similar ideas have been seen before, but this is one is better than most. Classic and funny

A simple, but highly original digital idea. Beautifully executed and very emotional. Try it!

We build this Kitty on Rock’n Roll! Really bad taste, but it’s entertaining and delivers the message: We all need silly stuff

How do you get customers in your new cafe? Invite them to design the tableware! Great consumer promotion by OgilvyOne in London

Who says trade marketing can’t be amazing? Great idea, beautiful design and amazingly executed. Se all the designs here: http://fi.pinterest.com/garysteele30/corona-365-reasons-to-let-the-world-wait/

How do you get your competitors to advertise for you? Pretty rude, but very charming - and highly creative.

Francis Underwood on the future of television. Oh no, it’s Kevin Spacey.

The Patrick Batesman of Hipsters! A very long ad, but every second is a thrill.